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Chris Macgowan and Macgowan Productions produce narrative and documentary film and video. This section will provide links to completed projects, projects in various stages of production and projects where other services were provided.

Using the links below you can read scripts, production details and view video of the various projects.

Most media is not avaiable at this time. We are currently loading new media onto the site. Thank you for your understanding and patients.

Active Projects (Macgowan Productions)

Completed Projects (Macgowan Productions)
  • Four Days, 1997
  • 2789th Street, 1994
  • Foreshadowed Darkness, 1993
  • A Cold Winter Day, 1993

General Projects General Projects (Sound)
  • Linwood A+ School Dance, 2006-2008, Sound Reinforcement, Sound Mix.
  • The Spring Dance Party, 1996-2007, Sound Reinforcement, Sound Mix.
  • Moxie Blue, 2007, Sound Reinforcement, Sound Mix. (5 performances)
  • Kerry-Edwards Benefit Concert, 13 Aug 2004, Sound Reinforcement, Sound Mix.
  • Linwood Community School Theater, 2006-2008, Sound Design. (8 performances)
  • "Buenavista", Mixed Blood Theater, 1989, Sound Design. (13 performances)
  • "Nothing but Love", Brant Lake Bowl Theater, 1989, Sound Design. (10 performances)
  • "Simon the Vampire", Theater Garage, 1988, Sound Design. (4 performances)
Media Biography


Chris Macgowan and Jennifer Hays begin research on a script; Volker Grunert.
November 2009, Berlin, Germany

Chris and Jennifer are researching a script based on the relationship between Volker and Chris. Chris and Volker met in East Berlin in 1990 at a small club on Ackerstrasse called schokoladen Fabrik. Chris and Volker became best friends sharing interests in music, film and exploring East Berlin. Thier relationship grew to include friends and lovers from Berlin, Paris, Sweden and West Germany. Volker was diagnoised with a brain tumor in 1994 and died in 1996.

Over the years Chris and Jennifer and built a wonderful relationship with Volker's Parents, his Sister and thier Family. This is a cherished relationship, one that is full of good conversation about people, place and our World, and always memories of Volker. Volker we Love you and miss you!