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Chris Macgowan and Macgowan Productions have a strong understanding of media production from property development, pre-production, production through post-production. These skills coupled with strong communication and organization skills will help you complete a quality media project.

Chris has written, directed and produced three short films. He has photographed various other projects and worked as Assistant Camera, Sound Recorder/Mixer and Production Assistant. Chris has collaborated with hundreds of cast and crew while working on independent, non-profit and industrial projects.


Chris brings a rich combination of creative energy, technical experience and the ability to work with many people to the film project. He looks forward to listening to your vision and helping to make it a reality.

As your director, Chris will help you visualize your screenplay or project idea. Chris will work with the client to bring strong technical crew and talented cast to the production.

Experience gives Chris the ability to make both creative and technical decisions that will affect the production and vision of the project. His ability to listen and understand your vision provides him with the ability to communicate that vision effectively throughout the production.

Chris can also support your project through post-production. He will work with the editor to ensure that the emotions of the scene are appropriately reflected by the character using both image and sound. Chris can also guide the client through color grading images, sound mix and musical composition.


Chris first experienced the magic of light and composition through still photography. Chris produced some 8mm films in the 1980's and then experienced his first film production in 1990 in Berlin, Germany. Returning to school in 1993 to study Film Production and with a background in Electrical and Software Engineering Chris's interests moved towards the camera and lighting.

Having also worked as a Director Chris understands the relationship between the Director and Cinematographer. Working with and providing the Director with creative options in composition, camera movement and lighting to communicate the vision of the Director.

Equipment: Camera: Arriflex 16SR2 16mm, Aaton LTR 16 mm, Panasonic AG-HVX200, Canon GL2 and a variety of consumer cameras. Lighting: Arri Tungsten, Arri Daylight, Mole- Richardson Tungsten. Dolly and Crane: Chapman Super Peewee III Dolly, Matthews Tulip Crane, Jib Arm. Grip: 1 Ton Grip Trucks, Small Generators, General Electrical.

Assistant Director

As Assistant Director Chris will bring planning, organization, communication, efficiency and a strong (but gentle) leadership style to your production.

With production experience as Director, Cinematographer, Assistant Camera, Sound Recorder/Mixer and Production Assistant, Chris brings these experiences combined with planning, organization and communication to help you run an efficient production.

Chris will work with the Director to set the shooting schedule, track daily progress against the production schedule, arrange logistics, prepare call sheets, manage cast and crew, rehearse cast, direct extras and more ...

Production Assistant

Chris can provide the resources, creative and technical experience to help with your production. Chris is reliable, personable and always available! Chris is fast, versatile, considerate, alert and informed. He brings to the set the capacity for finding solutions to problems and/or adapting to the situation.

With experience in production, camera department and sound, Chris brings these experiences combined with planning, organization and communication to your production.

As Production Assistant, Chris will always be available to help solve the problem.