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Chris Macgowan and Macgowan Productions have a strong understanding of media production from property development, pre-production, production through post-production. These skills coupled with strong communication and organization skills will help you complete a quality media project.

Chris has written, directed and edited image and sound on three short films. Chris has edited video for cable television and various public services announcements.


Working with you to edit your project, Chris can be involved during production and into post-production or he can come onto your project during post-production. Helping you to visualize your screenplay or project idea, we will execute the art and craft of assembling your shots into a coherent whole that represents your vision.

Your material may contain live action image, animation, dialogue, music, sound and visual effects. Chris will help you log your material and manage your digital assets if required. When the media is organized we can begin to create your assembly edit.

From the assembly edit we'll begin to create your final cut. Chris will work with you to creatively build layers of images that move the story, using music to inspire and set the pacing. Using the craft we can ensure actors' performances will effectively communicate the message in the final piece.

Assistant Editor

As an Assistant Editor, Chris will help manage the workflow during production, work with film labs, camera and sound departments to manage any issues and aid in maintaining your editing systems if needed.

With production experience as Director, Cinematographer, Assistant Camera and Sound Recorder/Mixer, Chris brings these experiences combined with planning, organization and communication to your post-production experience.


Editing image and sound, Chris has expereince with the following tools and systems. Chris is also a freelance software engineer, and thus brings advanced knowledge of computer hardware and software to your project ... just in case!

Tools: Mac Final Cut Pro HD, KEM 795R, Moviola, Digidesign Protools LE, Various sound mix consoles and effects processors, film and video projection, Adobe Photoshop, FileMaker Pro, Sql Server, general office & computer skills (Mac, Pc and Linux), German, voice-overs.